Tahir Ün was born in Turkey. He has been working periodically at Xinjiang (Uighur) Autonomous Region of China, Balkans, Caucasia and Turkey as a freelance photographer, videographer, curator and activist. Tahir Ün is an instructor at Yasar University.
His works accepted to some collections such as Istanbul Modern Museum, Polaroid Collection, Collection of Ransom Center Photography at Texas University, Colección del Centro de Fotografía de Tenerife, State Museum of Majdenek  and Rhizome Artbase.Tahir Ün published four books titled “Imagined Views/Moments of Revulsion” Photographs (1990) and “The Poetic Introduction of Representation of the Hidden Photograph” Poems (1995), “Xinjiang : My Ancestral Land” photographs (2012) and “Ali” photographs (2014). In addition, his articles about image theory are published in various Turkish art magazines since 2000. His works have been displayed in numerous worldwide events including 29 one-man exhibitions.

Some important photo and video awards and distinctions: 

    • - Archifoto International Architecture Photography Awards, 'İzmir, no heritage for the future' is finalist, (2017) Strasbourg, France.   
    • - First prize in photography category of competition themed 'Xinjiang' by CRI (China Radio International), (2017) Urumchi, China.
    • - "Father Tongue", my video, is awarded for "The Film With Most Profound Message" of Uhvati Film Festival in (2017) Novi Sad, Serbia
  • - “Xinjiang: Re-Construction”, my project, was nominee for Photogrvphy Grant (2017), London, U.K.
  • - Photo Annual Awards (PAA), First prize & special Prize Czech Center Photography, for "Camel Wrestling" (2015), Teplice, Czechia
  • - Photo Annual Awards (PAA), Honorable Mention, “Snapshot vs Selfie” (2015), Teplice, Czechia .
  • - Life Framer Photo Awards, Honorable Mention for “Animal Kingdom” (2015), U.K.
  • - SCOPIO, Honorable Mention for “Xinjiang : Re-Construction”, (2015), LISBOA, Portugal.
  • - Facade Videoart Festival,  “THE GAME” is selected between TOP 10 Awards, (2014), Bulgaria.
  • - Featured Photographer of the Month, Social Documentary Network (june, 2014), NY, USA.
  • - FOTONIC Photo Festival, finalist of Evening Screenings Award, “Xinjiang:Re-Construction”, (2014), Ljubljana, Slovenia.
    • - FOTONIC Photo Festival, finalist of Evening Screenings Award, “The Shift in Coal Mine”, (2014), Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • - Kolga Award, “Xinjiang:Re-construction” is finalist in the category: Conceptual Series (2014), Georgia.
  • - Espy Photography Award, “Xinjiang:Re-construction” is finalist (2014), Swansea, Wales, U.K.
  • - IPA Awards, “One Shot: One World”, honorable mention for “Architectural Conflict in Kashgar”, (2014) Los Angeles, USA  
  • - PAA (Photo Annual Awards), honorable mention for “China Portraits” (2013),Teplice, Czechia.
  • - FotoVisura Grant, honorable mention for “Nakhchivan” (2013), USA.
  • - Patras Independent Film & Video Festival, The Best VideoArt Prize for “Pose” (2012), Greece.
  • - Krakow SnapFilm Festival, The 2nd. Prize for “Facial Perception” in category: Experimental (2012), Poland.
  • - Fonland Festival, The Best Digital Image Prize for “Nihility or Identity” (2011), Portugal.  
  • - AFAD and Seyhan Municipality, The Sahin Kaygun Prize for “the best Turkish Photographer” (1993), Turkey.  
  • - Photo Awards of The Ministry of Culture, The First Prize for  Black and White Photography (1992), Turkey.